Mini Italian Picnic

Summer picnicking is one of my favourite things. With all of the social distancing measures in place it’s difficult to find things to do right now. I love the idea of packing up a bunch of goodies and heading to a park, lake or beach (while social distancing) to take in the sunshine. Once we are able to gather in small groups or even if you want to do a backyard picnic.

This entire picnic menu can be and should be made a day in advance. All you have to do the day of is wrap it all up and throw it in the cooler. Just click on the links to grab the recipes!

Grilled Zucchini & Pepper Pressed Sandwiches

Prosciutto Provolone Pressed Sandwiches


Strawberry Tiramisu Minis

Watermelon Slices

Iced Espresso

Picnic Tips

  1. Single servings. in order to avoid everybody touching the same utensils. Think about ways you could wrap or portion food to make it easy for everyone. Wrap sandwiches and other food in individual servings with parchment or wax paper.
  2. Skewers are a great way to serve picnic faves. Think Caprese salad, fruit, antipasto or grilled veggies on a stick.
  3. Avoid foods that need to be mixed, dressed or that have dipping sauces. If a dipping sauce is essential, fill disposable condiment cups for each person available at any dollar store.
  4. Mason jars are a great eco friendly way to transport and serve single serve drinks, pasta salad and even dessert.
  5. If utensils or dishes are required consider recyclable disposables
  6. To keep drinks like lemonade or iced tea or coffee cold, make ice cubes out of the drink the day before and load the jar with your flavoured ice and top with drink right before setting off. You’ll never have to deal with watery drinks. Have one or 2 bottles of water person.
  7. Don’t forget ice packs. Keep food cold and wrapped until ready to eat. The food temperature danger zone is between 4-60 degrees Celsius (40-140F). Don’t keep food in direct sun or in heat. Discard any food that was out and not consumed.
  8. Hand sanitizer is a must!

A day or 2 before your picnic, brew a pot of strong coffee or espresso. Add desired amount of sweetener while it’s still hot. Let cool. Make some coffee ice cubes. The day of fill mason jars with ice and top with your cold coffee. Secure the lids tightly. Take an extra measure and label each jar with a name.

Happy Picnicking!

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