Being a homebody at heart doesn’t mean your life can’t be full of style, moments of savoury goodness, and wanderlust.

I turned my  passion for cooking and entertaining into a career with the  launch of  my boutique catering business Savoury & Cake in 2011. Since then, my work has been featured in several print and digital media publications including Wedluxe, Wedding Bells Magazine and Mingle as well as on CTV’s Your Morning .

My heritage is a mix of Greek & Jewish, and with a wonderful Italian husband,  I have been lucky to be influenced by cultures with rich culinary histories. Good food knows no boundaries & I love making it uncomplicated and accessible.

A love of European history, art & architecture was awakened on a school trip to Italy when I was 17 which led me to pursue a bachelors degree in those areas. My parents bought me a fancy camera to go on that trip (before taking pics of everything was the norm)  and I have  loved capturing life’s moments since then.  Dreaming about my next adventure across the pond is a daily occurrence. (France 2020)
When not in the kitchen, I’m prettying up my house and am forever on the hunt for vintage or thrifty finds to embark on my latest DIY project.

My philosophy is to stay creative, inspired, loved and of course, well fed 🙂

Andrea xo