Beach Boxed Lunches

Hitting the beach is my favourite summer pastime and you know I’m bringing something yummy. Sitting by the water, chatting and enjoying delicious food …. what could be better? I love the idea of bringing individual boxed lunches. Not only are they super cute, but since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, mindful planning is necessary. Boxed lunches are a no brainer. They are disposable (use recyclables), sharing isn’t required and they make packing your cooler a snap.

In two recent blog posts (Mini Italian Picnic & 20+ Tips for Socially Distanced Entertaining ) I included lots of tips on clean serving ideas. The name of the game is single servings!

What goes in the box? Package each component of your menu separately so it can be easily grabbed and enjoyed anytime. Use recyclable disposables, wax or parchment paper or lightweight reusable containers. Add in single serve condiments, napkins, sanitizing wipes, and a paper straw. To source boxes look online for kraft take out boxes. Always make sure your food is kept in a cooler with ice or packs until you are ready to eat.

If you are packing lunches for people that aren’t in your household be sure to take extra measures in the kitchen ( see 20+ tips for socially distanced entertaining).

Boxed Beach Lunch Menu

Mason Jar Lemonade

Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad

Margherita Stromboli


I love this lunch for the beach for so many reasons. It’s make ahead, it’s easy to eat with out making a mess and of course it’s DELISH.

Pasta salad is usually an ok side, but this one is so yum if I do say so, that it’s the star of the lunch. Link here to grab my recipe for Roasted Summer Vegetable Pasta Salad

Pack a separate cooler for your drinks including lots of water. I’m a fan of mason jars so I filled these with refreshing lemonade that I filled with lemonade ice cubes

Instead of dessert that’s going to melt bring your favourite fruit along

Yes you could definitely pack sandwiches ( check out my post on Pressed Sandwiches ) or you could make a real treat like Stromboli. I’m going say it’s a cross between a pizza and a sandwich. Now that can’t be bad right? See my process for easy stromboli making below.

What’s your favourite thing to eat at the beach? I’d love to hear!


Place store bought pizza dough in a bowl. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and let rise at room temp for a few hours.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.Spray a large sheet pan with cooking spray.

Spread dough into a rectangle, either directly on to greased pan OR you can do it on top of a piece of parchment which may make it easier to roll.

Layer your toppings evenly leaving a one inch border around the sides. Sauce is optional but go light. Think cheeses, deli meats, roasted veggies and herbs. Gently start to roll the bottom taking care not to rip the dough if possible. If you choose to use the parchment lift it to guide the dough and gently peel it from the paper as you go. Fold the sides in burrito style, pinch and continue to roll making sure the end is closed well at the seam. If you are able flip it seam side down. Poke holes across the top with a knife. Brush with olive oil, salt, pepper and whatever seasoning you like. Bake for 20 minutes on the bottom rack. Let cool, slice and serve warm, at room temperature or chilled with or without a dipping sauce

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