Fresh Winter Wreath DIY

Now that my planters are complete, it’s on to the doors. I’m obsessed with wreaths. Especially the ones made with fresh and fragrant greenery. They are pricey though! Using left over greenery from my winter planter project, and cheap grapevine wreaths as the base, I created chic wreathes for my front doors. This is a really easy project and took less than 30 minutes to do. When it’s time to take them down, remove all of the branches and store your wreaths for next year.

What you need:

Grapevine wreath(s)

Greenery 6 branches for 2 wreaths ( I used fir, cedar and euonymus)

Fishing line

Ribbon ( for tying and hanging)

Decorative items



Wire (if necessary to attach decorations)

Lay your first branch curving it to the shape of the wreath. I used fir branches for the bottom and because they were ‘wide’ I wrapped fishing line around them to secure them to the base as well as to maintain a defined shape. After you’ve positioned the first branch place the matching branch in the opposite direction so that the bottoms of the branches overlap.

Repeat with the rest of your fresh greens. I only used the fishing line to attach my first layer of greenery. I laid the remaining branch in the same way and secured them tightly to the wreath with the ribbon.After securing the greens with the ribbon use fishing or wire to attach your decorative elements. You’re ready to hang your DIY wreaths!


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