Pretty Up Those Pumpkins

Happy Fall!

I love to adding seasonal touches to my home both inside and outside. Nothing too crazy (well…. some people probably think painting a pumpkin is ridiculous :)).This is the thing…… when we think of fall,  it’s all changing leaves  and orange pumpkins right? I don’t do orange, I’m allergic.   I have an aversion to colour in general…. I find it difficult to live with and even to wear. Black all day everyday for me!

Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner and since I’m hosting this year I want everything looking great. Stepping out of my neutral colour comfort zone this year and I went and bought a bunch of mums in shades of purple and red….and I’m loving them!

Last year I got a bunch of little pumpkins and painted them in shades of grey and black to go with my neutral decor. I knew I wanted to paint again so I went on over to my bible Pinterest for some inspiration. I bought different sized pumpkins in white, pink ( they’re not actually pink but that’s what they call them) and orange, then ran over to Michael’s and grabbed the cheapest acrylic paints ( these work better than spray paint ). Got out my brushes and trays and started mixing shades that would go with the mum action outside. First I played with it on a piece of paper, then I recreated similar designs on the pumpkins.

I am not an artist , anyone can do this. Any colours and any theme. Wouldn’t this be gorgeous for fall wedding decor? I would recommend only using real pumpkins outside as long as you live in a cool climate. For inside decor grab craft pumpkins.

I’m loving how they turned out, and how they compliment the gorgeous mums.


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