Festive Seasonal Decor

As soon as Halloween is over, I’m already thinking about the holidays and transitioning my decor from fall to winter vibes. I’m so behind this year!

I’m definitely into decorating seasonally rather than for a specific holiday. I grew up celebrating Hanukkah (Chanukah) and the only decoration to be seen was the Menorah, not a Hannukah bush in sight (seriously….I don’t even know what that is). Growing up ALL of my friends had Christmas trees and holiday decorated homes and I absolutely fell in love with the festivity of it. We are a 2 holiday house but you won’t however see Santa or his elves anywhere around here. What you will see is a tree (or 2) and decorative touches that reflect the season with nod to Canadian winter, cozy elements and a bit of glitz with some mixed metals all over the house and of course a gorgeous vintage menorah or 2 🙂

Keep your holiday decor in the same colour palette as your home decor for a layered and curated look. For me this means everything in neutral shades. Because I don’t get holiday specific and everything compliments my decor, I don’t feel weird leaving out most of it until spring! Except for the trees, they get packed up December 26.
Cozy throws. Have them everywhere and keep them handy in big wicker baskets. I’m obsessing over faux fur this year. This one is from Homesense
Change out your throw pillows or better yet purchase pillow covers that can store easily. Look for seasonal motifs & textures and more faux fur. This Nordic inspired tree motif pillow cover is from Brush Point Studio and I love the bold graphic pattern.
Bring the outside in. Natural elements like pinecones in a bowl & branches in a vase can look so chic

Wreathes. I love them outside and love them inside, and have different ones throughout. My favourite place to hang a wreath is in front of a decorative mirror
Seasonal candles. this is such a great way to add a seasonal element. Love this one from Williams Sonoma
Think about adding small touches to your bathrooms, guest room and kitchen

Nature inspired ornaments. I purchase all of my ornaments after Christmas. Every year I buy a few at slashed prices. By doing this I have been able to curate a thoughtful collection without spending a fortune.Shiny Metallics. Did I mention we are doing 2 trees this year? The newly decorated family room/office is on the second level of our home, which you can see in some of these photos , and will have a more subdued vibe. All the glitz and glam will be happening on the main level where we do our entertaining. I don’t discriminate, I love all shades of gold, silver and bronze. Happy decorating!

16 thoughts on “Festive Seasonal Decor

  1. i love this blog & i agree that you should layer your Christmas decor with the color & themes you already have – it looks much more appealing & cozy this way. my house is all neutral and for the holidays, I keep that theme with golds & soft whites AND I add a red feather wreath as my holiday pop of color on my kitchen window.


    1. You pick the colour scheme (any combo of blue, gold ,white and silver). Get the kids involved by coming up with some crafty decor ideas that they can help with. Maybe some art you can frame


  2. Absolutely Gorgeous… When O purchase my home, i will definitely use your inspired gout… Such warm and festive winter style… 👍❄️


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